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Saint Joseph’s R.C. Parish

14th Week in Ordinary Time: Thursday

Confirmation 2022

What We Believe

Every Sunday at Mass we recite the Creed together. For the early Church this was a key way to help Christians express what is essential to know about Christianity. People had often got those essentials wrong, so the words of the Creed are written in a very definite way. There are no metaphors and there is no poetry. We can rely on these words - as they are - to increase our understanding and to shape our belief.

“Who do people say the Son of Man is?
Who do you say I am?”

In your group discuss what people outside of the Church think and say about Jesus. What do they believe about him?

What do people think about God? What have you heard people say (including online)?

New Lines for the Creed?

If the Church was going to add a new line to the Creed (just one) to express what modern Christians believe, what should it say?

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