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The Blast Group Performing
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Children from St Joseph’s Parish have joined together to form a new community musical group. The aim of Blast, as the club is known, is to explore music amongst friends, coming together to make a joyful noise. Following recent research identifying the positive effects that music, in particular, singing, can have on people’s emotional well being, Blast was established to explore a range of musical ideas through song and games with the emphasis on having fun. Musical inspiration ranges from traditional songs of the church through to Queen & Lady Gaga.

The Blast Group Performing at Nazareth House
...and a partridge in a pear tree

During December, Blast performed in their very first celebration evening raising £93.50 for the Sisters of Nazareth. The children then had the opportunity to visit the residents of Nazareth House, Cardiff, entertaining the residents using the skills they have been developing this term. Great fun was had by both old and young alike.

Blast meets in the Sister Theresa Meeting room on Tuesday evenings during term time from 6-7.30pm and is open to children in school years three & over.

For Further details please contact Anne Lewis or 07928 814646

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