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Those who come to me will never be hungry; those who believe in me will never thirst ... [Read the whole of Today’s Gospel]

Those who come to me will never be hungry; those who believe in me will never thirst ...
[Read the whole of Today’s Gospel]

18th Week of Ordinary Time, Year B

Father of everlasting goodness, our origin and guide, be close to us.

Quote of the Week

“Nothing can come between us and the love of Christ, even if we are troubled or worried ... being threatened or even attacked.”

Romans chapter 8, Verse 35

Livestream Masses at Saint Joseph’s

The next Mass will be livestreamed at 9.15am tomorrow, but you are still able to view live images from the church: Click Here.

Public Masses

Although there are still restrictions in Wales due to Covid-19, public worship is allowed. Public Masses at Saint Joseph’s are as follows:

Masses & Services this Week [Sundays: Yr B, Weekdays: Yr 1]

Please remember that we are required by law to wear face masks at public Masses. And, of course, since the strict government guidelines restrict numbers it is important to book. Please ring the office on 2041 1819 to book your place, you will be most welcome.

Making A Donation to the Parish

Obviously, the combination of lockdowns and fewer people being able to attend our public Masses has meant much less being given to our parish. The work that the parish does, and the costs involved, remain the same. If you would like to help us by donating online you can do so via our

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Find Us on Facebook

This is a very good time to join the parish Facebook group (if you haven’t already).
During this time it provides us with a place to keep in touch.
Simply click on the following link and request to join the group.

Saint Joseph’s Parish, Cardiff Facebook Group

Pope Francis’ Prayer Intention for August 2021

The Church Let us pray for the Church, that she may receive from the Holy Spirit the grace and strength to reform herself in the light of the Gospel.

Bible Study

Our Bible Study takes place every Thursday at 7.30pm in the Chapel.

Parish Pastoral Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dear Parishioners and all people of goodwill, this is a most difficult time and it tries our faith and our Christian friendship. With the threat of coronavirus and aware of the vulnerability of some of our parishioners, of course all of us as human beings are delicate and vulnerable to risks that come our way. I am suggesting that if the crisis worsens, let us identify people who may need our prompt response. Take a phone number, know the address, enquire from a family member so that in case of a worse case scenario we are able to offer material support, hope and words of closeness to those who may remain at home - a telephone conversion is a pastoral response. Or we can use Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram to keep up-to-date. I am appealing for volunteers for this. I know we have wonderful people. We can share information but be careful not to create unnecessary fear or panic. Do not be afraid, Jesus always reminds us, he is with us... [read more]


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