Saint Joseph’s R.C. Parish, Cardiff

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament


This hoard of yours, whose will it be? ... [Read the whole of Today’s Gospel]

This hoard of yours, whose will it be? ...
[Read the whole of Today’s Gospel]

29th Week of Ordinary Time, Year A

Almighty God, our source of power and inspiration, give us strength and joy.

Quote of the Week

“Your faith has shown itself in action, your love in labour, and your hope of our Lord Jesus Christ in perseverance.”

1 Thessalonians chapter 1, Verse 3 (REB)

Livestream Masses at Saint Joseph’s

The next Mass will be livestreamed at 9.15am tomorrow, but you are still able to view live images from the church: Click Here.

Public Masses

Cardiff has gone into lockdown - can we still go to a public Mass? YES. According to the Welsh Assembly Government information, if you live in an area which has gone into lockdown you may attend a religious service AS LONG AS you don’t leave the lockdown area.

Public Masses have begun again at Saint Joseph’s. Because of social distancing restrictions we have a limit of 30 places at each Mass, but can accommodate individuals as well as smaller groups (e.g. families). Please ring the office on 2041 1819 to book a place.

Currently, as well as the Masses of Sunday, there are also be Masses on most weekdays. Other Masses will livestreamed.

Masses & Services this Week [Sundays: Yr A, Weekdays: Yr 2]

Important Information About Public Masses

PLEASE NOTE: you will need to wear a facemask when you come church. As has been announced by the Welsh Assembly Government, we are required to wear facemasks in indoor public places. We have a limited supply of facemasks at Saint Joseph’s should anyone come to Mass without one, but of course, ideally, each of us will provide our own.

In order to celebrate public Masses we very much need more stewards. The role is very straightforward and is a great service to our parish. Training will be provided.

We will only be able to allocate 30 places at each Mass. This will be done on a first come, first served basis (see below for the procedures). Masses will continue to be live streamed.

Reserving Your Seat

General Rules in addition to the ones already given or clearly known


Thank you for your support and understanding.

Masses & Services [Sundays: Yr A, Weekdays: Yr 2]

Some Useful Catholic Liturgy Links

Find Us on Facebook

This is a very good time to join the parish Facebook group (if you haven’t already).
Over the coming weeks it will provide us with a place to keep in touch.
Simply click on the following link and request to join the group.

Saint Joseph’s Parish, Cardiff Facebook Group

Pope Francis’ Prayer Intention for October 2020

The Laity'’s Mission in the Church We pray that by the virtue of baptism, the laity, especially women, may participate more in areas of responsibility in the Church.

Bible Study

Our weekly Bible Study will obviously NOT take place at the present time. Even so, the Bible remains a treasure that can give us what we need. The readings for 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time are:

These readings can be most easily found in an ordinary Sunday Missal.


Happy Easter,the Lord is truly Risen, Alleluia Alleluia. As we celebrate Easter a time when at the fullness of time God sent His only son into the world to redeem us, we as well mark a historical moment in our liturgy and int the world when we celebrate Easter not in our churches but in the now sanctuaries of our homes, and our dinner tables have become our altars. With the human situation of covid-19 which has made us to retreat into our homes and the threat it poses to our well being we remember in a special way all those who have developed new working relations to fight this enemy.Families who have lost their loved ones, Jesus understands every human situation and his suffering on the cross a moment of shame and isolation and the cry of abandonment, leads to our Easter celebration when, Jesus meets the women who went early in the morning to anoint His body, in return it is Jesus who heals them and unites the apostles... [read more]

The Recent Closure of Churches

Our church will remain closed in regard to the public regulations which is for the mutual well being of one another. Please I encourage you to keep following the public health regulations. A simple act of sacrifice and hygiene like washing of hands, staying at home, and remembering to keep social distance can save a life.
Like during the time of the apostles who remained in the house under closed doors waiting for the holy spirit, we have been encouraged not to forget those who need our practical help, the poor, the old, the unemployed, the lonely, families who may not have enough of the daily bread. It is a moment to pray together like the apostles to experience the abiding presence of our Lord in our time of self-isolation and social distancing, I have to be honesty with you it is not easy. For us here at the presbytery it is really a trying moment. Your words of encouragement, your messages, your phone calls have helped us to realise how... [read more]

Parish Pastoral Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dear Parishioners and all people of goodwill, this is a most difficult time and it tries our faith and our Christian friendship. With the threat of coronavirus and aware of the vulnerability of some of our parishioners, of course all of us as human beings are delicate and vulnerable to risks that come our way. I am suggesting that if the crisis worsens, let us identify people who may need our prompt response. Take a phone number, know the address, enquire from a family member so that in case of a worse case scenario we are able to offer material support, hope and words of closeness to those who may remain at home - a telephone conversion is a pastoral response. Or we can use Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram to keep up-to-date. I am appealing for volunteers for this. I know we have wonderful people. We can share information but be careful not to create unnecessary fear or panic. Do not be afraid, Jesus always reminds us, he is with us... [read more]


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